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What we do

Liguori's is a simple micro business with one passion, the art of making Pizza. 

At Liguori's we make two types of Pizza, our HERO Pizza the Romano 
style which is never perfectly round and uses traditional methods, ingredients & techniques to get a thin crispy crust..

Our Romano style

Pizza cooking in our Wood-Fired Oven...

Our other style of Pizza is our Sicilian style - again Authentic, it uses a different dough hydration level and proving techniques to make a thicker dough. Not as rustic as Focaccia..

Our Sicilian style Pizza, more hydration, extended proving and baked in a blue steel tray

It has a crispy base due to the oils in the Cheese and the olive oil in the Pan...



Stretching Romano dough....


Dressing Pizza....

Our Ingredients

We use the finest OO grade pizza flour & where possible source local ingredients from Food producers in and around the New Forest. We are always looking to build good relationships with local producers of cheese, fresh produce and charcuterie, if you are producer, please get in touch.

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Tuesday Evenings from 19th July 2022

Romano Style Pizza

Every Tuesday at the Royal Oak, Fritham, SO43 7HJ from 5.30pm onwards.

Friday Evenings from 22nd July 2022

Romano Style Pizza

Every Tuesday at the Royal Oak, Fritham, SO43 7HJ from 5.30pm onwards.

Wednesday Evenings from 3rd August 2022

Romano Style Pizza

Every Wednesday at Tom's Field Campsite, Godshill, SP6 2LN from 5pm

Thursday Evenings from 28th July 2022

Romano Style Pizza

5.30pm either on

Common Road opposite church or in the Surgery Car Park, Whiteparish SP5 2SU


It's not necessary to call ahead but we happily accept orders over the phone for pick up at the VAN. We accept orders BY TEXT ONLY - 07961 766704 please text your order with your preferred collection time and your first name. We will reply with a confirmation and any other instructions. Please call us if you do not receive confirmation by 4.45pm Feel free to call us if you would like to know our specials of the day.


  Contact US

We can cater for your corporate or private event, for Pizza or more we can help you, just drop us an email.. 

07961 766704

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